Rescue Renovation

Sometimes you have the privilege of bringing a house back from the dead, helping people to see the possibilities and potential that exist in a building. Kitchens and bathrooms, problem areas inside and out, sometimes make demolishing and starting again an attractive option. But there is such waste! We live in a world of finite resources and of craftsmanship which is expensive to replicate or replace, so working within what exists is always more appealing to us.

This bathroom was pretty unattractive. The owner was moving out and getting the house ready for renting, so it was our job to come up with a plan which was user friendly and pleasing as it is the only full bathroom in the house.It was necessary to go through a small passage with closets on either side to reach the bathroom which made it terribly dark.

Our solution was to keep the toilet, shower and bath in the original bathroom and bring the vanity out into the old closet space. We moved the door to the left in order to accomodate the shower with the door opening into the vanity area. This made it possible for a bath to be introduced without cluttering up a small space.

All new fixture, fittings, floor and wall treatments resulted in a pleasant, light filled functional bathroom.

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