Do you remember playing pirates as a child? Or cops and robbers? How many hours did you spend in a tree house or balanced on a limb reading a book? (I did). Children love structures that enable the imagination yet give them freedom to improvise. Was it a spaceship yesterday? It’s a den of robbers today and who knows what tomorrow?

We were given a brief from a client who has three children, a girl and two boys, ranging from 10 to 5 years old. They had just finished building a house and were moving in  before Christmas. They wanted to give the children a cubby house as a Christmas gift so they asked Steve if he would build it for them. They didn’t give Steve any other parameters so he was free to exercise his own imagination!

Steve took his cues from materials which were at hand and at the local resource centre. They also wanted a shade sail as the cubby was out in the paddock, so Steve figured it may as well be part of the overall plan! And so a ship was born.

There is a dungeon underneath to get out of the sun and read a book;there are two different platforms, a ship’s wheel and cannon, rope, a climbing wall up the rudder and a treasure chest.

Looking down the stairs

We heard today from our client that it is in full use, with cousins and friends enjoying their imaginary games for hours on end.

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