On October 8, 2019, we said farewell to our Tiny as it went off to bless its new owners. We called it the Tiny Tiny because it is the smallest Tiny house we have seen for sale which still managed to include a sleeping loft, bathroom, kitchen and sitting/dining area. We did end up getting rid of the entry deck and enclosing it into the the interior – you wouldn’t imagine the difference 1 square metre adds to the liveable space.

Healing the change took a lot of thought as we didn’t have any more of the floorboards. Instead we chose to use some patterned cement tiles which had the affect of designating the eating area as separate from the rest of the interior. A drop down table and suitably sized chairs finished the transformation.

It had a gorgeous light feel to the place with plenty of outlook yet cosy. We learned a lot in the process of building it and look forward to the next Tiny in all its possibilities.

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