The Edwardian

I have finally given the Tiny a name. As we were driving through one of our local towns, I was looking at rooflines and analysing them, referencing the Tiny in my mind. I had originally thought it was a Californian Bungalow but I have changed my mind – and ‘The Edwardian” seems more Australian, anyway!

Here it is at its current stage.

The outside is finished, stained and painted to within an inch of its life. We were going to refinish the deck but the decision is pending the sale. We are very happy with the end result as the Tiny is different to anything else we have seen on the market.

Inside it is fresh and bright, fairly minimalist with a Shaker or New England feel.

I am really pleased with the colour and the contrast between timber and painted surfaces.The kitchen has sufficient work space and a deep sink, drawers and the dresser.

Yep, no taps. We are still trying to get a plumber to work on the tiny.

Then we have the closet and the loft.

And last of all, the bathroom. The shower is lined with aluminium checker plate with a cedar ‘bathmat’ to stand on and raise the floor level to the rest of the floor. Again, no plumbing yet. The toilet is a CM2 composting toilet from EcoFlow.

We are looking forward to seeing who will get to enjoy it.

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